The definition of control

Some were born to drive. Others just want to get where they’re going. For both, Mitsubishi Motors offers Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC). It optimizes the car’s performance to your driving, plus road and weather conditions, for the smoothest ride imaginable.

Drive as you intended

Whether you’re seeking adventure or predictability, Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) puts you in total control of your driving.

If you’re the cautious type, you’ll feel confident about braking on icy roads and steering around potholes. If you want fun, you’ll love hugging curves and powering through mud. And for comfort, you’ll rest easy on long highway drives, steady through every turn and any unexpected gusts of wind.

It might sound simple, but our vehicles do the three most important things perfectly, on any road: they go forward, turn and brake, exactly as you intended.

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What is Super All-Wheel Control?

Mountain Mitsubishi - broken image

It’s All-Wheel Drive, but smarter

Using real-time data from sensors, Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) integrates all the information and sends instructions to each wheel, all the time. In other words, it multitasks to deliver the perfect drive. So you get:

  • Smooth handling and control: Go forward, turn and stop how and when you want to.  
  • Exceptional comfort: Enjoy a smooth ride, as a driver or passenger. 
  • Superior traction: Feel confident on any road, with multiple drive modes.

Multiple Drive Modes

Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) lets you choose from multiple drive modes, so you can feel confident in any situation.



POWER maximizes acceleration performance to enhance responsiveness during situations where more torque is required, such as passing on the highway.


ECO mode improves the efficiency of the gasoline engine and S-AWC to support fuel-efficient driving.


NORMAL mode offers well-balanced all-wheel drive dynamics, resulting in enhanced fuel efficiency, traction, high-speed stability and predictable handling across a variety of road conditions and driving styles.


TARMAC mode provides enhanced agility and heightened performance when travelling on dry, paved roads.


GRAVEL mode delivers maximum traction on coarser roads or whenever you might find yourself stuck in a rough patch of off-road terrain.


SNOW mode provides improved traction and stability specifically for light to medium snow-covered or slippery roads.


MUD mode enhances performance when driving through muddy or deep snow, especially when accelerating and/or turning from a stopped position.

Drive your ambition. Yes, yours.

We want everyone to feel great about driving, regardless of skill level. Whether you drive for joy or for necessity, Super All-Wheel Control makes your journey safer, smoother and more fun.