A Century Of Innovation




Mitsubishi launches Model-A and pioneers Japan's first mass-produced passenger car.
The origin of our All-Wheel Control technology, PX33 is introduced as Japan's first four-wheel drive production car.

The Colt 1000 wins a class title in the second Japan Grand Prix.
The Lancer 1600GSR sweeps the podium at the East African Safari Rally. 
Mitsubishi clinches its first of many Dakar Rally wins with the Pajero.
Mitsubishi Motors launches the Eclipse in North America with the turbocharged 4G63 engine and all-wheel drive technology.
Set a world record with the first electric car to cover 2,000 km in 24 hrs.
Mitsubishi launches its unprecedented 10 Year Warranty in Canada.

The legendary Lancer Evolution comes to Canada equipped with a host of engineering breakthroughs, like Super All-Wheel Control.
Leading the way, i-MiEV becomes the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle and sets the tone for the future.

Mitsubishi celebrates its 10th Anniversary in Canada.
Mitsubishi Motors releases the Outlander PHEV, the world's first 4WD Plug-in Hybrid SUV, winning the RJC Technology of the Year Award and Car of the Year's Innovation Award in Japan.
Mitsubishi Motors tests its EV and Twin-Motor 4WD technologies in the Baja Portalegre 500, setting the fastest time in three out of five segments, all using the Outlander PHEV.








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